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 ## Next session ## Next session
-**To be announced very soon!** [[:​contact|Subscribe to get notificated]].+[[:​webinars:​07|{{ :​pictures:​webinars:​webinar-banner-07.png?​nolink |Upcoming webinar!}}]] 
 +/* **To be announced very soon!** [[:​contact|Subscribe to get notificated]]. ​*/
 Future planned sessions: Future planned sessions:
-* Melaine Bush on *MayFirst Movement* 
 * Lara Monticelli on *Alternatives to Capitalism* * Lara Monticelli on *Alternatives to Capitalism*
 * Trudy Juriansz on *Global Ecovillage Network* * Trudy Juriansz on *Global Ecovillage Network*
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 <​html><​div class="​old"></​html>​ <​html><​div class="​old"></​html>​
-[[:​webinars:​06|{{ :​pictures:​webinars:​webinar-banner-06.png?​nolink |Upcoming webinar!}}]] 
-[[:​webinars:​05|{{ :​pictures:​webinars:​webinar-banner-05.png?​nolink |Upcoming webinar!}}]] 
 <WRAP group> <WRAP group>
 <WRAP half column> <WRAP half column>
 +[[:​webinars:​06|{{ :​pictures:​webinars:​webinar-banner-06.png?​nolink}}]]
 [[:​webinars:​04|{{ :​pictures:​webinars:​webinar-banner-04.png?​nolink}}]] [[:​webinars:​04|{{ :​pictures:​webinars:​webinar-banner-04.png?​nolink}}]]
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 <WRAP half column> <WRAP half column>
 +[[:​webinars:​05|{{ :​pictures:​webinars:​webinar-banner-05.png?​nolink}}]]
 [[:​webinars:​03|{{ :​pictures:​webinars:​webinar-banner-03.png?​nolink}}]] [[:​webinars:​03|{{ :​pictures:​webinars:​webinar-banner-03.png?​nolink}}]]