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This is session is part of the Webinar "Dialogue on Alternatives in the Time of Global Crises".

Dialogue 8: Covid 19 - Potato Park: Defending the past to envision the future

with Ricardina Pacco (traditional seeds expert); Aniceto Ccoyo (traditional Sumac Causay expert); Mariano Sutta (traditional native crops and wild relatives expert); Lino Mamani (traditional Curator of Potato Park Gene Bank); along with members of Association of Communities of Potato Park

The Potato Park is a community-managed Biocultural Heritage Territory established as “Food Neighborhood” by six Quechua communities in Peru in 2000. It conserves a unique mountain agroecosystem, its indigenous biocultural heritage including one of world’s richest potato diversity landscapes. The webinar will describe the history and challenges of the community’s holistic management approach based on sumaq kausay or buen vivir, response during COVID pandemic, and visions for the future.
  • Date: Friday 31st July
  • Time: 13:30 (UTC/GMT)
  • Duration: 120 minutes

Recording and transcription

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The session included a ceremony called “Despacho”. It describes the Andean practice of making offerings to the mountains (apus), Mother Earth (Pachamama), and other spirits of nature in reciprocity, reverence, and thanksgiving. A despacho is an act of love and a reminder of the connections we share with all beings, elements, spirits, and sacred places. At the deepest level, it is an opportunity to enter into the essential unity of all things, the living energy of the universe.

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