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 This is session is part of the **[[.:​index|Webinar "​Dialogue on Alternatives in the Time of Global Crises"​]]**. This is session is part of the **[[.:​index|Webinar "​Dialogue on Alternatives in the Time of Global Crises"​]]**.
-# Dialogue 7: ...+# Dialogue 7: Covid 19 - Visioning the Future: May First Movement Technology
-with **Melaine ​Bush and Alfredo Lopez** (?)+with **Melanie ​Bush** _(USA)_, **Alfredo Lopez** ​_(USA)_, **Jerome Scott** _(USA)_ and **Samantha Camacho** _(Mexico)_
-> ...+In this seventh session, we will carry on a collective dialogue about May First Movement Technology, a non-profit organization that engages in building movements by advancing the strategic use and collective control of technology for local struggles, global transformation,​ and emancipation without borders. 
 +**There will be English/​Spanish translation**
 <WRAP group> <WRAP group>
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 <WRAP center round important 100%> <WRAP center round important 100%>
-* **Date:** 15th July+* **Date:​** ​Wednesday ​15th July
 * **Time:​** ​ * **Time:​** ​
   * 13:30 (UTC/GMT)   * 13:30 (UTC/GMT)
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 ### Presenters ​ ### Presenters ​
 +{{ :​pictures:​webinars:​gta-webinar-melanie_bush.png?​nolink&​180|}}
 ####  Melaine Bush ####  Melaine Bush
 <​html><​div style="​text-align:​left;"></​html>​ <​html><​div style="​text-align:​left;"></​html>​
-...+Professor of Sociology, Adelphi University; Research Fellow, University of South AfricaPublications include: Tensions in the American Dream: Rhetoric, Reverie or Reality (with Roderick DBush), Everyday Forms of Whiteness: Understanding Race in a “Post-Racial” World, and lead editor of Rod Bush: Lessons from a Radical Black Scholar on Liberation Love and Justice. ​  She is co-chair of the Board of May First Movement Technology, a movement building organization focused on the role of technology in social transformation. As such Melanie locates home in the struggle for a just and loving world
 <​html></​div></​html>​ <​html></​div></​html>​
 +{{ :​pictures:​webinars:​gta-webinar-alfredo_lopez.png?​nolink&​200|}}
 ####  Alfredo Lopez ####  Alfredo Lopez
 <​html><​div style="​text-align:​left;"></​html>​ <​html><​div style="​text-align:​left;"></​html>​
-...+Founder of May First Movement Technology, the largest political progressive Internet membership organization in this country, where he coordinates the organization'​s work in campaigns, networks and coalitionsDuring his half-century of movement activism, he has been a leader in the Puerto Rican Independence,​ labor and anti-war movements; organizer of several major national demonstrations and scores of smaller ones; editor of two publications (Claridad and Sevendays Magazine); radio and television producer (and host); college teacher; and author of six published books and hundreds of published articlesHis most recent book is "​Goodies from the Yum Yum Tree: the Internet and Revolution in the Final Days of Capitalism"​. He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his spouse: the writer, teacher and organizer Maritza Arrastía. They have two sons and a grand-daughter.
 <​html></​div></​html>​ <​html></​div></​html>​
 +{{ :​pictures:​webinars:​gta-webinar-jerome_scott.png?​nolink&​200|}}
 +#### Jerome Scott
 +<​html><​div style="​text-align:​left;"></​html>​
 +A former auto worker, labor organizer in the auto plants of Detroit in the 1960s-70s, and member of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, was the founding director of Project South: Institute for the Elimination of Poverty & Genocide. He serves on the board of the General Baker Institute, the National Planning Committee of the United States Social Forum, co-chair of the Board of May First Movement technology, and is active in social justice movement organizations,​ including the League of Revolutionaries for a New America. He is author and co-author of numerous chapters and articles on the global capitalist crisis, race, class, and gender, the revolutionary process, and transformative social movements toward socialism. ​
 +#### Samantha Camacho ​
 +{{ :​pictures:​webinars:​gta-webinar-samantha_camacho.png?​nolink&​170|}}
 +<​html><​div style="​text-align:​left;"></​html>​
 +Tiene una licenciatura en biología por la Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana y estudios de posgrado en Geografía por la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Samantha es especialista en análisis espacial, gestión de bases de datos geográficos,​ cartografía digital y cartografía comunitaria. Ella formo parte de la asamblea del Hackerspace Rancho Electrónico en la CDMX, involucrándose en diferentes proyectos de cartografía y visualización de datos y, en temas relacionados a la privacidad y la protección de datos personales, esto último con el grupo de Autodefensa Digital Feminista, ambos espacios fueron creados con el objetivo de facilitar la investigación y la experimentación con herramientas de software libre. Actualmente es Investigadora-Cartógrafa de PODER.
 ### More information ### More information
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 Recommended reading materials and sources: Recommended reading materials and sources:
-* ...+https://​mayfirst.coop/ 
 +* https://​techandrev.org/ 
 <​html>​ <​html>​