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webinar7 2020/07/14 05:55 Hamouda Morocco 1
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webinar7 2020/07/13 15:22 Timothy E Karcich United States 0
webinar7 2020/07/14 18:22 Alejandro Fernandez United Kingdom 1
webinar7 2020/07/14 11:14 mike hales United Kingdom 0
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webinar7 2020/07/15 07:02 SOUMYA DUTTA India 1
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webinar7 2020/07/15 09:40 PROST Didier France 1
webinar7 2020/07/15 09:42 Levin Ahmed Bangladesh 1
webinar7 2020/07/14 11:14 mike hales United Kingdom 0
webinar7 2020/07/15 10:34 Suraj Jacob India 1
webinar7 2020/07/15 10:34 Jai Sen Canada 0


  • Shrishtee Bajpai: If you need the translation in Spanish, pls click on the interpretation icon below your Zoom screens and choose the Spanish room.
  • Ashish Kothari: can those who have not registered with us earlier, pl. put in your introduction and contact details if you want to
  • Albertina Almeida: This is Albertina Almeida. I am a lawyer and human rights activist from Goa India.
  • Melanie E Bush:
  • Jac: Hi everyone, this is Jac. Global South activist working on intersection of technology and feminism. And feminist movement building in a digital age. @jhybe
  • Jai Sen: Great video. thanks. But what about the question of the production of digital hardware – which we also need and are also dependent on, aside from the internet ? And the control of this production, as well as the necessary (and constant) research and development, by major corporations ? Are you also proposing cooperative production and manufacture ?
  • Vasna Ramasar: GTAGlobal Tapestry of Alternatives will be saving the chat and sharing on our website
  • LENOVO: YES, please turn “save chat” button. Thank you
  • Nachiket: I also share Jai's query
  • Jai Sen: Can Samantha please break her points ?
  • Ashish Kothari: Franco is also typing in key translations
  • Jac: On production. I think ya, agree that these layers would be impt to look at. There’s some pretty great initiatives around open hardware as well. Esp when looked at contexts with high tech access barriers. e.g. community access networks, looking at raspberry pis for diff communities, innovation on hardware and software by differently abled communities - heard some cool examples a couple of years back (will try and dig URL if I can find it to share). I also really love the open design and open knowledge initiatives, that is another layer to organising, technology, space and society.
  • Franco Augusto: - its possible to build groups and movements
  • Franco Augusto: - connects with other groups, like feminism and resistance movements.
  • Franco Augusto: But there are also disadvantages in this open groups
  • Franco Augusto: when there are no clear rules and co-responsabilities
  • Franco Augusto: The closed groups are usually smaller and the meet together in the phisical realm.
  • Franco Augusto: The conversations can be longer, more trust and deep dialogue.
  • Franco Augusto: This closed groups also have disadvantages
  • Franco Augusto: the lack of mastering technology, that can't control the tools
  • Franco Augusto: not only we need “tech people”, but the social movements also need to be involved in these tech issues
  • Franco Augusto: Finally , as last point
  • Franco Augusto: the groups and movements that dont have communication and technology in the center.
  • Franco Augusto: This groups exists in marginal and rural areas
  • Franco Augusto: they dont need hi-tec to organize themselves
  • Cristian Opaso: very wise words..gracias
  • Stanley Pokras: It is highly hypocritical for a conference on technological democracy to hinder in ANY way with the free flow of ideas, resources and information that people desire to share in the chat. It is making me angry to think that people will be so controlling as to be as ugly as the capitalist pigs we are trying to defend ourselves from. STOP being control freaks! Let the People speak to each other.
  • Franco Augusto: so the capacity doesnt come from hi-tec, it may allow more wider communication or faster development. But technology is never the key
  • Vasna Ramasar: Stanley, there is no restriction on the chat as far as I can see.
  • Jai Sen: Jac, thanks for your response to my question. Please do dig out the URL if you can. But I’m left feeling that coop production – unless revolutionised - is not going to be able to address the volume of mass need and use – and even as advocated by May First. So my sense is that we need to think much harder about this. Stanley Pokras: The CHAT can not be copied. The Chat can not be saved. Stop preventing those features.
  • Ashish Kothari: Stanley, what makes you think anyone is controlling anything? you can type to the full set of participants … as you just did. Pl. also check your language.
  • mike hales: It seems not possible to cut and paste from the chat - this is limiting (though unintentional?)
  • Nachiket: and
  • Ashish Kothari: this is a tech problem we have had with this link, we can’t even save it ourselves … but we take screen shots and send out to all who are registered
  • Ashish Kothari: as host I don’t have the ‘save chat’ option myself! its strange
  • Jac: Jai - I think what I’d like to resist also is this framework of “mass” - this is also a framework that has been driven by a particular kind of capitalism - scalability, replicability etc. What this moment is also showing is that maybe we can think about pace, space and scale differently? There has been some energy towards looking at co-op platform economy, which is interesting. But maybe can also open up several different ways to think about messy, unproductive, not so helpful technology for the masses, but incredibly useful for specific communities, and focus on the nodes that interconnects between spaces, tech, or actually, just people and frameworks? A thought…. :) (And yes, will aim to dig up URLs) - I’d also like to have a deeper conversation on what you’re proposing
  • Ashish Kothari: Pl. type in your qs in chat … we’ll call on you to speak them out also if it is possible
  • Nachiket: Jitsi is a possible alternative to Zoom
  • Ashish Kothari: we wanted to use it, nachiket, but it is not as stable, with large no. of people … it also seems to require more bandwidth
  • Nachiket: Agreed
  • jaime: Actually we probably could have managed to have 40 people connect over Jitsi.
  • Ashish Kothari: if anyone has any alternative to zoom that works for large number of people, pl. tell us
  • Ashish Kothari: there is Blue Button, but needs a dedicated server
  • Jac: Agreed that the biggest issue is the colonisation of imagination. Thanks for bringing thet up
  • Bob Haugen: see also
  • jaime: We do get some meetings that large on our Meet Jitsi instance at
  • Melanie E Bush: In order to vision and create the tools, we need to engage a very different understanding of what technology actually is… it is us, we need to start by democratizing, developing collaborations, changing the structure of society, open the imagination, without limits. We need a deep shift that includes the terms of the society we live within
  • Melanie E Bush: The reports from the Convergences and Congresses are on the tech and rev website.
  • Stanley Pokras: I am available to help people do research on democracy, economics and justice.
  • mike hales: Big Blue Button works well with a meeting of this size (38 people).
  • Shrishtee Bajpai: We had 105 registrations for this webinar
  • mike hales: The Online Meeting Coop ( is about to launch a BBB service, in the coming month or so.
  • mike hales: I’ve been in meetings of >70, in BBB recently.
  • carlos: thank you mike hales
  • mike hales: The service is to be accessible like Zoom. They provide and operate the server, as a coop, and provide the service to movement and new-economy organisations.
  • Nachiket: There is also the ecological footprint of all the digital hardware and e-waste.
  • alfredo: Nachiket, yours is an excellent point! It's one of the concerns raised in Tech and Rev but I don't think we spend enough time on it in general.]
  • Franco Augusto: Samantha: Technology is not neutral, the one producing them define a political view in its production
  • Franco Augusto: Pregunta de Ana Cecilia: esta de acuerdo en que la tecnologia no es neutral
  • Jai Sen: But Ashish, Samantha has already said all this !
  • Jai Sen: It now needs translation - by Ana Cecilia herself !
  • Melanie E Bush: Exactly - that is central!
  • Stanley Pokras: People should know about the excellent book “How Wealth Rules The World by Ben G. Price.
  • Franco Augusto: Como podemos democratizar la tecnologia si no vencemos al capitalsmo en si?
  • Stanley Pokras: Ben's book is step one in understanding how the legal structure has captured control of democracy.
  • Melanie E Bush: Your point is at the heart of why we are talking about power and capitalism in our discussion of visioning the future of technology…
  • Stanley Pokras: How Wealth Rules the World, by Ben G. Price is the most important environmental and social justice book!
  • Ana Cecilia Dinerstein: Shoshana Zuboff’s surveillance capitalism
  • Stanley Pokras: Boycott Wall Street - see the Public Banking Institute and Ellen Brown's books.
  • Stanley Pokras: Public Banking is step ONE in resolving Wall Street
  • Jac: (However, Amazon is also not a super-reality or expression of capitalism in many parts of the world. I do get the point though, abt not about taking indv power against one corp but a more structural rupture at different levels.
  • Stanley Pokras: see Pubic Banking On
  • Cristian Opaso: If more and more open organizing in the long run will bring about privacy and security for do we identify urgent privacy issues that we have to address and not be overly paranoid?
  • Ana Cecilia Dinerstein: This is not about consumption…it is about bio politics…
  • Michael Gasser: Not just the ecological footprint, but the many harmful effects on the communities where the essential minerals are mined (Congo, Chile, Bolivia, Central America, etc.). Opposition to this sort of mining regularly leads to the assassination of movement leaders in places like Guatemala.
  • mike hales: More than surveillance, I suspect the impact on most people most of the time is in contributing to capitals’ power to “push our buttons” - economically, ideologically.
  • mike hales: I think folks find that quite hard to comprehend?
  • mike hales: It’s not so much individual, more systemic?
  • Jac: A very wise person told me (they are also a badass feminist digital security trainer) - security is mostly a performance. And another smart researcher also said, Knowledge is Power (Foucault was it? ;)). There’s something about popular education, collective knowing, critical engagement and use that is at the heart of this work (movement organising and technology movements)
  • Callie Berman: I'd love to ask a question about the role of bodies in “knowing” if we have time
  • Melanie E Bush: Yes - Callie and Jac - exactly - intentionality, process, grounded political engagement
  • Melanie E Bush: Said mine already
  • Jac: The point around bio politics and the body in knowing is pretty important. Maybe not enough time for now, but the body is THE site. The body is also not the individuated body, but the fragmented, aggregated, networked etc body. But appreciate these points being raised here too.
  • Vasna Ramasar:
  • mike hales: Thank you everyone contributing :clap:
  • Cristian Opaso: thanks all..
  • Melanie E Bush: Thank you ANA CECELIA, GTA, Ashish, Vasnaa, Shrishtee and Franco
  • Albertina Almeida: Thank you all
  • Vasna Ramasar: Apologies for the chat function not working but we will try to save it somehow - even if with screenshots and share :-)
  • Bob Haugen: Good session, thanks
  • samantha: gracias!
  • shawna: thanks so much Ana Cecilia for translating, and all for organising and great discussion.
  • Callie Berman: This has been (yet another) amazing talk. Thank you all for your work and thoughts to the speakers, translation, and to GTA for organizing!
  • Jac: thanks everyone!
  • Jai Sen: Thanks everyone. A great session ! A luta continua !
  • Stanley Pokras: Thank you!
  • Melanie E Bush: Thanks for great questions!