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 | webinar3 | 2020/05/15 09:42 | Tim Weldon | <​weldon.timothy@gmail.com>​ | Portugal | 1 |  | webinar3 | 2020/05/15 09:42 | Tim Weldon | <​weldon.timothy@gmail.com>​ | Portugal | 1 | 
 | webinar3 | 2020/05/15 10:17 | Callie Berman | <​cmb226@cam.ac.uk>​ | United Kingdom | 0 |  | webinar3 | 2020/05/15 10:17 | Callie Berman | <​cmb226@cam.ac.uk>​ | United Kingdom | 0 | 
 +## Chat history
 +* **shashank deora** : Hi I couldn'​t register, mail id - deora.shashank@gmail.com
 +* **Shrishtee (she/​her/​Pune)** : can everyone please mute your mikes ?
 +* **Cliff** : Hi from Center for Global Justice, located in Mexico. ​ I'm cliff DuRand ​ global.justice.cliff@gmail.com
 +* **Shrishtee (she/​her/​Pune)** : Ana's email: anamargarida.esteves@gmail.com
 +* **Callie Berman** : Hi all, Callie Berman from Cambridge, UK: cmb226@cam.ac.uk
 +* **Vicki Assevero** : can you show links again
 +* **Shrishtee (she/​her/​Pune)** : Links from Ana's presentation:​http://​fearlesscities.com/​en ​
 +Short introductory video: https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=MSCIFmXJ514 ​
 +Videos from the inaugural conference in Barcelona (2017): https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=s0Oq8xTils0&​list=PL63NMSaD-VgRZn5o1-8jgebvMDkANqbe7 ​
 +* **Shrishtee (she/​her/​Pune)** : Municipalities in Transition (Transition Network): https://​municipalitiesintransition.org
 +Social & Solidarity Economy Action Plan (Xarxa d’Economia Solidària de Catalunya/ Catalan Solidarity Economy Network): https://​xes.cat/​pla-accio-ESS-mesures-administracions-publiques ​
 +UrbanA – Sustainable & Just Cities: https://​urban-arena.eu ​
 +* **Shrishtee (she/​her/​Pune)** : Please feel free to type in comments and questions in the chat box 
 +* **Ana Margarida Esteves** : My e-mail address: anamargarida.esteves@gmail.com
 +* **Tamara Law Goswami** : There’s a certain ethical supposition/​foundation in this whole rhetoric of the commons. How does one nature and cultivate these ethics?
 +* **Tamara Law Goswami** : Nuture* not nature - thanks!
 +* **tweldon** : I was curious about the legal status of the Lisbon centers, are they squatted social centers or authorized spaces? ​
 +* **Callie Berman** : Thank you so much for bringing those insightful examples. I was wondering if and in what ways tourism might be discussed in the states you discussed? Are commons/​communities reimaging its role or the level of its importance for the economy/​community development?​
 +* **Frances Dust (Zambia)** : Is there any work / case studies in African cities (beyond South Africa?)
 +* **Steve Klees** : What situations are amenable to commons solutions? ​ Jason Hickel writes of how scarcity is constructed and suggests that most situations are amenable to commons solutions. ​ What about global problems like climate change?
 +* **Elias – Solidarity Hall** : Is there a sense that the COVID crisis means we need to focus on mutual aid projects around social care in particular?
 +* **Tamara Law Goswami** : I 2nd Callie’s question. Would love to get some understanding of that...
 +* **Melanie E Bush** : Hi all, Melanie Bush, Brooklyn NY, May First Movement Technology melanie.e.l.bush@gmail.com ​ … 3 questions. ​ Do you have a sense of the demography of these projects - on any dimension e..g. gender, religion, generational,​ class, citizenship status, ethnic/race etc  2) Similar - to the extent you are aware, how are these projects responding to the exponential expansion of needs 3) To what extent is the principle of global connectivity embedded in these projects? ​ Thank you! So glad to be with you all!
 +* **Tamara Law Goswami** : Thanks!
 +* **Vicki Assevero** : can a civil society organization get their city into these orgs like Fearless cities I’m in the Caribbean
 +* **Melanie E Bush** : I guess a part b of my first question, is to what extent are projects deliberative about demography so the most vulnerable are centered in the thinking, decision making etc
 +* **David Bollier** : Could Ana speak about tensions & differences between city governments & commoners in terms of political vision and exercise of power. Also, how might spontaneous social commons acquire some institutional stability & resources, so they don’t wither post-pandemic?​
 +* **Ashish Kothari** : our first webinar by Patrick Bond and Rehad Desai had some information on peoples initiatives of solidarity, sharing etc
 +* **Lara Monticelli - Alternatives to Capitalism Network** : Hello, I know that the network Fearless cities is very much influenced by the thought of Murray Bookchin and communitarianism. Could you please tell us a bit more about that? thank you!
 +* **hhealy** : thank you Ashish. is there a link you can share by email hhealy@uj.ac.za
 +* **Ashish Kothari** : pl. see https://​www.globaltapestryofalternatives.org/​webinars:​01 for recording of first webinar from S. Africa
 +* **hhealy** : thanks so much
 +* **Ashish Kothari** : we can send you their emails if you want
 +* **Callie Berman** : Thank you for that! Can you share the name of the town in Brazil again?
 +* **Elias – Solidarity Hall** : Name of Brazilian town again? ​
 +* **John Medaille** : Is that Ricardo Semler'​s development?​
 +* **Dell** : I fear that even community-led and co-oparative based tourism will still have a huge ecological footprint :-(
 +* **Melanie E Bush** : This is an aspect of the vision of Cooperation Jackson, MS in the US
 +* **Ana Margarida Esteves** : Brazilian town: Prainha do Canto Verde
 +* **Ana Margarida Esteves** : Regenerative development scholar: Daniel Christian Wahl
 +* **Melanie E Bush** : - cooperative based city
 +* **Jonathan** : Link to Daniel Wahl website https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​time_continue=2266&​v=lCwVyPVWMkI&​feature=emb_logo
 +* **Ashish Kothari** : She is talking about Tamera
 +* **Jonathan** : ....which is in Portugal (not Brazil)
 +* **Shrishtee (she/​her/​Pune)** : https://​www.tamera.org/​
 +* **Peter Doran** : Surely the power of “the commons” and “commoning” is - in the first instance - the imperative of deconstructing the “problems” (Hickel) as they are presented by capitalism. ​ Too many people are very well rewarded for asking the wrong questions!
 +* **Vivek Babu Girija** : Yes
 +* **Peter Doran** : Daniel Christian Wahl on commoning: https://​medium.com/​age-of-awareness/​learning-the-art-of-commoning-db7299470f49
 +* **Tamara Law Goswami** : Hi Dell. Just a comment based on your comment. I would say - to determine the carrying capacity for the area beforehand and therefore the “safe” flux of tourists through the area, is very important. This approach underscores the need to be very clear about ecology in the area. Mass sustainable tourism would be no good!
 +* **Tamara Law Goswami** : There is also the new paradigm of tourism centered on “experience”
 +* **Tamara Law Goswami** : Yes.
 +* **tweldon** : exactly. If peoplee aren't misserable. they  dont' try to escape!
 +* **Melanie E Bush** : My questions are general so perhaps can be picked up in following webinars …and discussed over time.  Thank you
 +* **Tamara Law Goswami** : Absolutely.
 +* **Elias – Solidarity Hall** : Brilliant critique, very good.
 +* **Vicki Assevero** : I can’t raise my hand but would like to know strategies by civil society organizations to move their meeting nicipalities towards these approaches
 +* **Tamara Law Goswami** : Thank you, Ana Margarida..
 +* **Melanie E Bush** : general about the movements and projects that have been emerging-flourishing- a go to placce
 +* **Peter Doran** : Perhaps we have to revisit our analysis of mass tourism (as commodified experience) in the context of the ‘attention economy’
 +* **Ashish Kothari** : Melanie and others, one source you can go to is www.radicalecologicaldemocracy.org
 +* **Shrishtee (she/​her/​Pune)** : mainstream tourism: consume the nature and cultures!
 +* **Ashish Kothari** : also the Commons websites … the commoner for instance
 +* **Ashish Kothari** : david/kevin can add more links for websites with such stories
 +* **Frances Dust (Zambia)** : Very interesting question by David
 +* **Vicki Assevero** : thank you
 +* **Callie Berman** : http://​worldhumanitiesforum.com/​eng/​board/​board_list.php?​m=v&​idx=42&​pNo=1
 +* **Ashish Kothari** : can everyone switch on their videos before we end, just for a virtual ‘face to face’
 +* **Elias – Solidarity Hall** : When's the next webinar? is there a thought of doing a followup?
 +* **Vicki Assevero** : can you speak to urban gardening?
 +* **Callie Berman** : If anyone is interested in contacting in potentially putting a panel together related to tourism-ecology-learning nexus please get in touch: cmb226@cam.ac.uk
 +* **Melanie E Bush** : Thank you
 +* **Shrishtee (she/​her/​Pune)** : The next webinar is on 1st June on Zapatista autonomy movement is responding to the current crisis, what
 +lessons its radical democracy and indigenous visioning and practice has
 +for the world in trying to move out of not only COVID but various global
 +* **Vicki Assevero** : urban gardening as a way of relocalization
 +* **Shrishtee (she/​her/​Pune)** : check this websit for more info:​https://​globaltapestryofalternatives.org/​webinars:​index
 +* **Shrishtee (she/​her/​Pune)** : on upcoming webinars ​
 +* **Melanie E Bush** : and Detroit City of Hope
 +* **Melanie E Bush** : last I heard there were 1200 in Detroit...
 +* **Melanie E Bush** : Also Cooperation Jackson…
 +* **David Bollier** : A few websites and blogs: www.commonstransition.org / p2pfoundation.org / Silke Helfrich’s blog (German & English) / Bollier.org (see esp. blogroll on my site) / many others….
 +* **Vicki Assevero** : thanks melanie
 +* **Elias – Solidarity Hall** : We're very interested in this work--www.solidarityhall.org
 +* **Ashish Kothari** : videos on please?
 +* **Elias – Solidarity Hall** : great info
 +* **Bruno Carvalho** : have no camera :(
 +* **Melanie E Bush** : Also Mozsmbique and other parts of Africa though not per se described as urban gardens
 +* **Bruno Carvalho** : thank you!