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PeDAGoG: Post-Development Academic-Activist Global Group

PeDAGoG (Post-Development Academic-Activist Global Group) is a global network of academics and academic-activists interested in post-development, radical alternatives, and related themes, initiated in early 2020. The main idea is to share existing course curricula, materials, methods/pedagogy, and approaches; propose new ones; coordinate programmes across different geographies and cultures; and be able to offer learning experiences to people in various parts of the world, especially the global south. And through all this, contribute to the movements for radical, systemic transformation.


July 8, 2020 2pm GMT: Virtual Interactive Session

Dear friends,

Encouraged by Brandon and Ashish’s call for more interactive collaboration, I would like to propose a virtual session and hope that you’d be interested to participate.
At this point, probably all of us are already quite “Zoom”-fatigued. Nevertheless, in some spaces I have also found comfort and new energy through the distant but immediate community with like-minded, in what feels like a detached and rather surreal socially distant situation.

I hope that with PeDAGoG we can also create such mutually supportive community, and while I appreciate the resources and interventions shared via the list, I sometimes wish I could put a face to a name.

In that spirit, I would like to invite everyone to join me for an interactive workshop/exchange session on 8 July, 2pm GMT.

In thematical break-away rooms we will be discussing in smaller groups, giving everyone the chance to talk, share and getting to know each other, before coming back to a final plenary discussion.

In terms of thematical foci I have drawn the following from the collaborative board. Of course, these are proposals, please feel free to send me your suggestions of what you’d find important:

  1. Teaching in crises: What are the pedagogical implications of the pandemic?
  2. Neoliberal academic environments: Strategies to cope and counter
  3. Practicing epistemic disobedience: Decolonizing the classroom

Please register through this link:


Dr. Julia Schöneberg Julia.Schoeneberg@uni-kassel.de