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  2. Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, https://afsafrica.org/
  3. Alternatives to Capitalism - SASE, https://sase.org/about/networks/
  4. Coalition against Land Grabbing (CALG), Philippines, https://www.coalitionagainstlandgrabbing.org/
  5. Community Economies Collective, https://www.communityeconomies.org/
  6. Earthlife Africa Jhb, http://earthlife.org.za/
  7. Ecoversities Alliance, https://ecoversities.org
  8. European Commons Assembly, http://europeancommonsassembly.eu/
  9. Focus on the Global South, https://focusweb.org/
  10. Forest Peoples Programme, http://www.forestpeoples.org/
  11. Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, https://therightsofnature.org/
  12. Global Ecovillage Network, https://ecovillage.org
  13. Global Extractivisms and Alternatives Initiative (EXALT), http://www.exalt.fi
  14. Global Forest Coalition https://globalforestcoalition.org/
  15. Global University for Sustainability, https://our-global-u.org/oguorg/
  16. Global Working Group Beyond Development, https://evo.re/beyond
  17. Great Transition Initiative, https://www.greattransition.org/
  18. Health of Mother Earth Foundation, https://homef.org/
  19. Indigenous Environment Network
  20. It Takes Roots!, https://ittakesroots.org/
  21. May First People Link
  22. Newalliance.earth
  23. North-South Initiative
  24. People’s Health Movement, https://phmovement.org/
  25. Post-Growth Institute, http://postgrowth.org
  26. Red Universidad y Compromiso Social de Sevilla, Spain
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  29. Soil Not Oil Coalition
  30. The Convivialists
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  33. Wellbeing Economy Alliance
  34. Women4Biodiversity / CBD Women's Caucus, http://www.women4biodiversity.org/
  35. Yes to Life No to Mining Network